The Largest Dakwahtainment event in Indonesia. By coming out a new concept that integrates Talkshow, Training, Gamification, Entertainment in the Digital Event Experience and becomes a place for movement of Muslim hijrah throughout the world.

Master Mind which is a subsidiary of the Lembaga Cinta Quran.

Because this event is dedicated to you so that you can be part of the Syiar Quran Program from the Cinta Quran Foundation, which includes:

Eradication of the Illiteracy of the Quran, Dakwah of the Quran, Coaching of the Da'i-Da'i of the Quran, Quran Recitation Scholarship and the Humanitarian Social Program. Which means, your participation in the Amazing Muharram is a Real Contribution to being a #PenggerakPerubahan.

Insyaa Allah, it will be attended by 99 WORLD-RENOWED SPEAKERS, from Dai, Qari, Sportsman, Actors and Actresses, Entrepreneur to World-class Chef

No, because we only give you the opportunity to donate to the Dakwah Program (Syiar Quran Project)

Of course, this is not worth the benefits that you will be provided because you only have to donated Rp.100,000, you have supported the propaganda of the Quran throughout the World. Through liberating the illiteracy of the quran, printing 1 million dai quran, to install the values ​​of quran in social and humanitarian programs.

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Enjoy Educative and Inspirational live streaming (which can be accessed in full for 9 days and 9 hours).

And Grandprize Umroh for 12 selected people

Insyaa Allah, this will be attended by 1.000.000+ from all over the world. Therefore, immediately register yourself before losing this Best Chance.

Please open the website www.amazingmuharram.com Then click the registration button

After registering, you will get an access link to watch live streaming on the channel that has been provided by the Mastermind

Transfer payments can be via virtual account (Please complete the registration stage first, through the website: www.amazingmuharram.com,

Select transfer payment via CIMB NIAGA SYARIAH, after that you will receive a Virtual Account number) Virtual Acoount)

1x24 hours (If registering today at 10:00 WIB, the transfer deadline is tomorrow at 10:00 WIB)

Insyaa Allah, we can, through the web channel that we provide. And there, the link to watch a rerun event of the Amazing Muharram event is provided.

Sorry, but you can’t, because the link can only be used for those who already registered

Internet Data Connection and a laptop

Important Info: It is expected to use a laptop for convenience

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